Sterling Somers was born, raised, and currently lives in Ottawa, On. Canada.

Long ago in a time before the birth of Sterling, the mother and father of Sterling seeked the future-seeing expertise of a time-line witness (fortune teller). Among other things (presumably) the mother of Sterling was told that she would give birth to a son that would become a doctor. It is believed that the mother of Sterling believed that the time-line witnesser was expressing that the as-of-yet unborn and unnamed, Sterling, would be a medical doctor. This belief was misguided. There were also a number of Sterling related events the time-line witnesser failed to communicate to Sterling's parents. If only they had known...

Sterling grew up with three siblings: sisters. Two of his sisters were older than he (and still are). Sterling predicted that the fourth child would be male. He was wrong. After expressing his sadness at the birth of his third sister, for which many people likely could empathise, the strength of Sterling's spirit was witnessed. He soon accepted the state of affairs and soldiered on, learning to care for his little sister. Sterling is magnanimous. They would grow up to share many a wasteful moment together. Sterling cares deeply for his siblings as they do for him. None of his sisters can maintain anger for Sterling (largely due to his innocence and charm).  To this day he tirelessly spends time with all his family most weeks. Although his efforts towards his family are unparalleled by all, Sterling never boasts. 

Like many others, Sterling attended school. Although not always reflected in his marks, it is largely  believed that Sterling is naturally intelligent and that all his instructors have loved him. Sterling started university at Carleton in Ottawa some time ago, and has remained there since. He has a degree in Philosophy and recently completed his PhD in Cognitive Science (as predicted by the time-line witness!!!! ohhhhhhhh spooooky!)

Sterling got married in June of 2011 (on the 11th) to his friend of 15 or so years. Most speculate that she is awed (which sounds funnier when read aloud). This feeling of awe is presumed by Sterling to be evoked in his wife due to his positive characteristics.