About the Service

Sterling Sinclair Counselling
Offers Services for:

Traditional Concerns

Grief & Loss

Life Changes

Problem Solving

Spiritual Direction


Ascension Concerns

Multiple Realities

Unseen Influences Concerns

Living with A-typical Gifts

Mysterious Sensations


Sterling Sinclair Counselling

does not offer the following:

Addictions Therapy

Clinical Psychotherapy

Medical Psychiatric Services

Abuse/Assault Crisis Counselling

Mission Statement

In a relaxed, empathetic, confidential setting, our mission is to, without judgement, help you move forward in ways that work for you.  

What Does 
Sterling Sinclair Mean?

        Sterling Sinclair is the name I chose years ago for my professional pen & art name.  I chose the name because "Sterling" means "Pure" and "Sinclair" means "Hope."  Therefore the translation of "Sterling Sinclair" is "Pure Hope."  So in a way Sterling Sinclair Counselling means Pure Hope Counselling.

What is 

Sterling Sinclair Counselling?

        Sterling Sinclair Counselling is a non-psychotherapeutic, proactive counselling modality whereby the client is empowered, informed and prepared to move forward.  It is inspired by current teaching-learning models, cognitive behavioural therapy, person centred therapy, pastoral care, advocacy work, and life coaching strategies.  By combining knowledge, understanding, inspiration, life-strategies, coping skills and self-empowerment, the client is further equipped to live each day and plan for the future.

        During sessions, it is common for Sterling to draw images, illustrations, diagrams or build things with blocks and such.  The sessions may include these visual aids and exercises in order to enhance conceptualization, understanding, learning and first/next steps preparation.

        The creatively transformative, flexible nature of Sterling Sinclair Counselling is adjusted for each client, situation, session and life path.  As such, the client and counsellor work together as positive, beneficial movement forward is achieved.

        In the short term, it is hoped that clients will leave a session feeling lighter, lifted, encouraged, understood and equipped to face the world, loved ones, work, and themselves.  In the long term, the goal is for you to optimize your life, relationships, career and direction in as short a timeline as suitable for you and your situation.


There is an hourly fee of $60/60 minutes

A complimentary initial consultation is offered upon request

Payments Accepted at this Time are

Cash, e-transfer, PayPal

It is the responsibility of the client

 to seek reimbursement of fees.

Sterling Sinclair Counselling does NOT assure reimbursement  

Please Note That Sterling Sinclair Counselling Does Not Offer Specialized Services in the following: 

Psychotherapy, Addictions Therapy, Personality Disorder Work, Accute Abuse/Assault Crisis Counselling, Diagnoses, Suicide Prevention/Recovery 

        If you are seeking assistance for these issues, we recommend that you seek the assistance from a qualified specialist in these fields.  

        If you are unsure of the service that you seek, you are welcome to book a complimentary consultation with us and we can discuss your options.

Also, if you have one, your physician or psychologist may be able to help you as well.  

Please know that there is help and that you are not alone.  

We look forward to meeting with you. 


        Richard and Kim