About the Counsellor

About the Counsellor

Arthur Richard Chapman
("Sterling Sinclair")

Counselling Specialization

Although as counsellors we often provide counselling
for multiple concerns, we have areas within which
we have chosen to specialize. 

The following five nuances
of counselling have been concentrations of my 
studies, investigations and work for many years. 

Spirituality and Spiritual Notions of Life and Death

Influential Patterns Affecting Life Choices

Personal Awareness

Proactively Positive Goal Setting and Visioning

Visually Creative Expressions


         B.Sc. Trent University

         B.Ed. Queen’s University, Special Education – Behavior

         M.Div. Victoria University, University of Toronto

                 Counselling, Adult Education, Staff Management, Group Leadership

         Teacher of Adults Course St. Lawrence College

         Continued Courses Queen’s University

                  Psychology, Sociology, Mathematics

         Current Doctoral Work University of Sedona

                  Metaphysical Realities and Life Coaching

         Other  Therapeutic Touch, Mixed Energy Healing, Meditation


A. Richard “Sterling Sinclair” Chapman

     Sterling is a nature loving husband and work from home father with indigenous heritage.  His studio is at their family cottage/home on Moira Lake between Madoc and Tweed.  

    He started counselling in 1994.  The primary focus of his service was education counselling and advocacy for youth and adults.

   Sterling has worked in the spheres of sacred, spiritual, secular counselling, and intuitive counselling.  He is currently writing a book on his experiences, universal memory, spirit-type personality profiles, and visual representations of language. 

   Sterling is also a member in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers.  He received his teaching certificate in 1992 and later studied special education – behaviour. 

    While Sterling was at seminary (Emmanuel College, University of Toronto 1998-2004), he trained in pastoral care.  His work in the church was heavily involved with home, hospital, hospice, and shut-in visitation as well as youth initiatives and conflict resolution.

    Sterling has devoted much of his career to primarily women’s issues and community support/development.  His sociological focus has driven the majority of his studies and professional career.

    The sociological and spiritual/metaphysical focus of Sterling's studies along with personal and professional investigations is irregular for a counsellor.  He believes that we do not live in a vacuum.  Due to the holistically social focus of his background, he believes that since we do not exist in isolation, consideration of the unseen effects of others’ actions/attitudes/intentions/energies on the us and vice versa is imperative for effective, positive movement forward in life. 

    Sterling's universal focus on life and existence welcomes multiple beliefs, faiths, perceptions, realities, ways of life without personal judgment.   He often says, “We are here to live the lives we were meant to live.  We all live our lives differently.” 

    Most people would agree that Sterling is friendly, welcoming, approachable, sincerely caring, empathetic, helpful and nice.  Sterling is very unique and you can talk to him about almost anything.

We look  forward to meeting you.

Blessings, Sterling & Kim