What happened...

You were redirected here because you went to SterlingSupport.net or ParkinSpace.com.  
Sterling Support, LLC was closed in October of 2015.   If you need computer service, please call Mike at 48O-432-9595 and tell him "Sterling Sent You."

In May or June of 2011, I was infected with West Nile Virus by a mosquito.    Since that event, my health has steadily declined and I have had to go on disability.  You are welcome to call me on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday. I undergo dialysis on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Life has become a daily challenge to survive.  I am becoming something of a hermit as I try to avoid exposure to infection.  I am struggling with not being able to get around as I can no longer walk due to avascular necrosis in both hips and not being able to drive.   If you would like to help me get around, please contact me at the number below. 

Sterling Parkin