Home Schooling Resources

I've provided links to various web sites so you can explore home school approaches and resources.  I do not endorse any particular site, any particular theory or approach.  I just believe the more you read, the more you understand, the better.





Home School and Education Blogs: 
Every so often a friend would share a home school blog with me that struck a cord - maybe I found the person's writing amusing or maybe they shared valuable resources - and I would make a point to visit them periodically - I've heard you can RSS Feed certain blogs -- will test that possibility some day when I have more free time *o*.



Yahoo Groups other Home School Forums:
I slowly learned how groups, such as yahoo groups, are rich resources.  At first I subscribed to local home school groups so that I could network with other home schoolers, share/organize field trips & other resouces but soon expanded to include nationwide/international groups that focus on specific academic topics.  Here are some examples:
  • Living Science yahoo group
  • http://www.secularhomeschool.com/register.php?do=addmember
  • MCTLA (Michael Clay Thompson) yahoo group
  • Well Trained Mind Secular yahoo group
  • Living Math Forum yahoo group
  • Gifted HF yahoo group
  • HS2Coll (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/hs2coll/).

And let's not forget other Social Media tools.  I use Facebook and Twitter to harvest ideas.  Here is an article covering the power of personal learning networks:  http://www.edudemic.com/2013/07/ppln-powerful-personal-learning-network/