Stergios Athanasoglou

Assistant Professor
Department of Economics, University of Milan - Bicocca
athanassoglou "at" gmail "dot" com
stergios.athanasoglou "at" unimib "dot" it
ORCID ID:  0000-0003-2321-5234   ORCID page
Scopus Author ID: 36169258200      Scopus page

Hello and welcome to my webpage. Here is my CV and here is my Google Scholar profile.

Research Interests
microeconomic theory, applied theory, operations research, environmental and resource economics


[*The attentive viewer will notice that my last name appears with two s's in many of my publications. I began using this double-s spelling as a college student in the US because it seemed, at the time, to better capture the soft "s" sound of the Greek pronunciation. As of late 2015 I have decided, to ensure consistency with my official ID documents, to revert to the correct (i.e. single s) spelling of my last name in all future publications. I hope my ORCID and Scopus pages can clear up any future confusion in this regard.]

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