Stergios Athanassoglou

Post-Doctoral Researcher
athanassoglou "at"

Hello and welcome to my webpage. Here is my CV.

Research Interests
microeconomic theory, applied theory, operations research, environmental and resource economics


1. Pollution Control with Uncertain Stock Dynamics: When, and how, to be Precautious (2012), with A. Xepapadeas, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 63, 304-320.(Correction)

2Optimal Mechanisms for Heterogeneous Multi-Cell Aquifers (2012), with G. Sheriff, T. Siegfried, and W.T. Huh, Environmental and Resource Economics 52, 265-291.

3. House Allocation with Fractional Endowments (2011), with J. Sethuraman, International Journal of Game Theory, 40, 481-513

4. Efficiency under a Combination of Ordinal and Cardinal Information on Preferences (2011), Journal of Mathematical Economics, 47, 180-185

5. Dynamic Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Policy: Ambient Transfers and Uncertainty (2010), Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 34, 2494-2509 

6. A Note on the Inefficiency of Bidding Over the Price of a Share (2010), with S. Brams and J. Sethuraman. Mathematical Social Sciences, 60, 191-195

7. Contract Farming with Possible Reneging in a Developing Country: Can it Work? (2012), with W.T. Huh and U. Lall, IIMB Management Review, 24, 187-202

Working Papers/Ongoing Work
1. Multidimensional Welfare Rankings Under Weight Imprecision (2014), submitted.

2. Setting Environmental Policy When Experts DIsagree  (2014), with Valentina Bosetti and Gauthier Demaere, revisions requested, Environmental and Resource Economics.

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