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We put this fox-trot together, borrowing from dances we learned from Joan Walton and inserting a Fred & Ginger move and some cross-step fox-trot.  The video is an excerpt from a performance by Lexington Vintage Dance in Crossville, TN, 3 Oct 2014, which we directed. The song is by Isham Jones and Gus Kahn (1924), recorded by Elvis Costello (2013).

2015 was the 50th anniversary of the movie, The Sound of Music. There is a famous dance scene in the movie where Maria dances a ländler with Baron von Trapp.  We wanted to mark the occasion by creating a choreography blending the dance from the movie with similar variations in cross-step and rotary waltz.  We performed this at the New Year's Eve banquet at Christmas Country Dance School, then we made this video in April 2016.

This is the dance we did for the New Year's banquet at Christmas Country Dance School in December 2012.  It combines a little "Fred and Ginger" style fox-trot with 1920s toddle.  The tune is "It's de Lovely" by Cole Porter. The musicians at Christmas School played it with even more energy.

We love the energy of this Venezuelan waltz, "La Partida" by Pastor Jimenez. Our dance reflects that by borrowing lots of moves from swing dance.  Many of these moves come from a video by Bill Boling and Beata Csanadi at waltznsuch.  We performed this at Christmas Country Dance School 2011.

Here is a cross-step waltz to the tune "Blackberry Winter" by Al White.  We first performed this on New Year's Eve at Christmas Country Dance School 2010.

The modern cross-step waltz is a revival of the 1930s French Valse Boston.  Richard Powers' Boston Waltz choreography is one we love to dance and teach.

No-hands Cross-step Waltz

Vernon and Irene Castle danced no-hands, "innovation" style tango in the 1910s.
Our innovation style cross-step waltz pushes the limits of lead/follow communication.

Here is a nice waltz sequence by Richard Powers.