Our list of videos was getting pretty long, so we separated them into two pages.

 Contemporary Historical
  Newman Maxixe
  Lima Tango 3
 "It Had to Be You" Fox-trot Lima Tango 2
 Cross-step Ländler Brives Menuet Congo
 "It's de Lovely" Fox-trot & Toddle Lima Tango 1
 "La Partida" Waltz-swing "Minuet d'Hyger"
 "Blackberry Winter" Cross-step Waltz "Nido d'Amore"
 No-hands Cross-step Waltz "Ardente Sole"
 Metamora Waltz "So Ben Mi Chi Ha Bon Tempo"

 Hesitation Waltz
  "Morgenblätter Waltz"

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