Welcome to the web site for the dance enterprises of Tim Lamm and Paula Harrison. Partnering together since 2008, Tim and Paula have over 12 years of experience leading, teaching and performing a variety of contemporary and historical social dances.  They not longer do public performances but are available to:

    • teach private dance lessons in Berea or Lexington, Ky.
    • lead vintage balls and community dances;
    • teach workshops on waltz, polka, foxtrot and many other traditional or contemporary couple dances;
    • teach classes on historical dance forms---from the Renaissance through the 1920s;
    • collaborate with you to bring period dance into a music concert, opera, or play;

    They are happy to work with dance organizations, arts associations, music groups, youth groups, schools, clubs, libraries, churches, and other organizations.

    They are based in Lexington and Berea, Ky, but are willing to travel just about anywhere for a fee you can afford. 

    Wedding Dance

    Honestly, this is the best value in Lexington. Tim and Paula are amazing teachers. They are very patient and knowledgeable. I am using them for lessons for the first dance at my wedding reception. Going with Steps in Time for our dance lessons was one of the best ideas.

    ---Sameera K.

    Private Lessons

    Tim Lamm and Paula Harrison are the best dance instructors my husband and I have ever experienced...

    Paula and Tim are fabulous dancers, yes. But they are also fabulous instructors. They are encouraging and fun. They know their dances. They teach in a body focused way, in that corrections are made not because of a particular style rule, but because that's the way the body moves best. You get them BOTH, so each person is fully analyzed as you dance together...

     For beginners, I think Paula and Tim would be perfect. Learning to dance as to what feels right is so natural. For long term dancers like us, they are also perfect. Tim and Paula challenge and inspire us, but they also respect that we know what we want. We travel three hours one way to take lessons . We have never been disappointed. Dancing is romantic, fun, and good exercise. If you are looking to add dancing to your life, try Tim and Paula. You won't be sorry.

     --Kelly and Gary Madden 

    Waltz Classes

    Thank you for such a good beginning waltz class...

    I thought your class was perfect for me because there were so many ways you prepared us ahead of time to make the next task easy. One of the best things that helped me was that you never seemed to be rushing, but were always calm and relaxed. It helped me to remember that the main point is to enjoy the dance. I also think that you are very good at seeing where we needed more help, and you explained things in a different way to help us understand...

    ---student, Christmas County Dance School


    Tim Lamm
    110 Hanson St.
    Berea, KY 40403