IGNITE YOUR GENIUS  - Stepping INTO your GENIUS, activate your unique TALENTS, and become "indispensable" to your workplace and your life!  These are skills that can be taught.  'Out of the box' Thinking - Build the skills you need and 

Stepping INTO your GENIUS --Tools and techniques are sourced by 20 years of experience teaching CEOs, LEADERSHIP TEAMS.  Trained at MIT and SRI ~ certified as a Visionary Leadership Trainer with the reknowned VISIONARY LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE.  This group of consultants were responsible for igniting the group genius during the late-eighties into nineties to source some of the world's most successful management teams:  Companies of note:  Apple, Grey Research, Oracle, IBM, Broderbund Software, Sun Microsystems, The Learning Company, Mattel Interactive, PeopleSoft, Intuit.  Proven methods and skills to bring out authentic leadership and generate ideas that contribute to your business, your team, and your individual growth and development.  From the inside-out,  access and activate your genius and the group genius of your management team and organization.

Based on developing custom programs for clients in the financial,  technology, and travel industries,  management teams are trained to access the capacity of individual and group genius in order to develop and adjust to the marketplace changes as an aligned group - becoming the linchpins and visionary leaders of their teams.   The team reads a common book to align ideas and thinking and then the tools and techniques to access the inner creative and inner genius are applied.  Results yield innovative solutions to marketplace challenges and issues ultimately increasing bottom line results.  Practical, everyday tools that become new habits of success. 

Are You Indispensable?    It is a the critical time for you to get the skills you need so that you are playing 100% in your own life --  And that your 'LIFE' resonates from the INSIDE OUT!

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"You are a treasure!  These tools used to  expand awareness and access my inner genius will make a difference moving forward in my businesses -- and in my relationships.... and my life."     JB -Managing Partner - Attorney          

"Connection is the call of the future.  And learning new ways to sustain and create a stronger, loyal, and deeper connection to our current clients is essential.  And your tools help us do that. With these tools,  our trust and stewardship of assets can continue to grow.  We are in the throws of great change. 
Building confidence in our own authentic leadership skills, drawing upon our innate traits and talents is what we are learning to rely on --  resulting in collaboration and exponential results moving forward."                     B.C.  CEO - Resonate Companies.

"Ignite Your Genius - Leadership Training aligned my team in numerous ways - most importantly, yielding a 28% increase in revenue for 2010 and again for 2011."


Sarah Horton,
Jun 20, 2011, 10:19 PM