Phase I:  Awakening the Leader Within: From Inside Out - Maximize Individual Productivity.   In this workshop, participants recognize and claim their own most powerful leadership qualities and gifts from a new, inner perspectiveYou learn to enhance results by leading from center and balance, not from stress or reaction.  Participants discover their ability to lead from joy and personal grounding. They create safety and motivation through authenticity, and solidify strategies to empower themselves when challenges feel overwhelming. 

Phase II:  Maximum Performance Leadership: Team Building From the Inside Out

This workshop helps managers recognize the traps and pitfalls of ego-driven leadership. They will know the difference between empowering others vs. powering over others. They learn to readily call forth the gifts and strengths of their team, and recognize that compassion in the workplace opens up productivity to create results and build momentum.  Participants identify hooks that pull them away from their natural, more effective personal style. They learn new, clarifying ways of listening, skills for creating alliances for effective cooperation, morale-boosting strategies for enhancing and blending staff talents, and establish specific proficiencies and tactics for conflict resolution. 


Phase III: Fulfillment Leadership: Revitalizing Leaders From the Inside Out

Knowing retention of good managers requires alignment of personal values and their expression in the workplace, this workshop focuses on making sure leaders are fulfilled in their work. Renewed energy and effectiveness spring forth from a place of personal satisfaction, high achievement and staying centered in ones’ self. Stress reduction strategies are enhanced through the employment of powerful tension-dissolving antidotes. Decision-making and problem-resolution becomes clearer. Communication skills are super-charged in this power packed two days, celebrating the strength of diversity within their teams.  Personal joy becomes infectious throughout the workplace setting by example and energetic transfer.

Ignite Your Genius Leadership Training.
Sarah Horton,
Mar 19, 2013, 12:12 PM