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                          I can help you build your capacity for mastery ...

                                                                               And enjoy the process!

Sarah Horton brings great depth and dimension from her successful career of over 25 years in business as a small business owner turned Consultant, Trainer, and Master Coach – working in entrepreneurial,  international business, and personal settings -

comfortable in group presentation or one-on-one.  Through the use of empathic listening and visionary leadership techniques to access 'inner genius',  clients build capacity for self mastery, identify success habits and manage their unique obstacles to growth; concurrently, accessing their greatness, passion and purpose.  Testimonials reveal the results: giant steps toward their vision and financial freedom:       
"Ignite Your Genius coaching really works and results are measurable!"

Stepping OUT:  Sarah Horton is a coach and trainer -- skilled by her work with the Visionary Leadership Institute out of MIT, over 10 years as an International Peak Potentials Certified SuccessTracs and Guerilla Business School Master Coach,  Train-the-Trainer Accelerated Learning Methods applied to the Life by Design and Business by Design strategies.  Recently, her contributions to educational scholarships for young women were recognized as Volunteer of the Year by American Association of University Women and the Incline Village Parasol Community Collaboration. She continues to develop programs for leadership and team development, entrepreneurship, and small business -- university level as well as custom individual and professional group trainings. 

Stepping UP:  As one of the first female pioneers in the Boston University’s School of Management, Sarah graduated with honors and went directly into advertising and marketing initiating the growth of a 2-person office to 15 employees and $4 million in billings.  Eventually, her love of photography and design returned her to Rhode Island School of Design for graduate certifications. Sarah is a Certified Advanced Dimensional Mind and Creative Strategies Instructor, and has won numerous awards for her work.

Stepping BACK:   She has over 15 successful years in Senior Marketing positions, Internet Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising and Media, and Project Management. [Companies of Note. Broderbund Software and The Learning Company leading the creative teams that published edutainment products such as Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, Family Tree Maker, Oregon Trail, Math Workshop, Amazing Writing Machine  yearly revenues of $280 million.]

Stepping INTO  the areas of health and wellness and career choice and transitions: Sarah helped to launch The Health Optimizing Institute as a 501(c)(3) non-profit research and training organization. At UCSD, with our affiliates, we have provided training for over 20,000 health professionals in optimal health care.  Career choice and transitions--Sarah helped to launch and develop Marin Professionals – a program developed for EDD as a career transition program - using practical and proven methods to showcase one's skills in presentation, time management, money management, career choice and transition, leadership , networking. internet-working-for-you tools and other entrepreneurial traits to build successful businesses.   This model was replicated in Sonoma County, Santa Clara County, and other northern California areas.

Stepping FORWARD:  Most recent projects include university level extension programs in Entrepreneurship and small business ownership; over ten years as a Master Business Coach for Peak Potentials International training organization;  an Internationally recognized Transformational Coach® Certification Core Training  delivered online; and co-authoring with Deepak Chopra and Jack Canfield,  Stepping Stones to Success, publishing January, 2011.  Transformational Coaches are internationally certified and are trained to lead the 9-Step 'Life by Design' and/or 'Business by Design' Programs.

More to come in 2018:  In partnership with Chris Burton, Our Treehouse Retreat, which is located on 12 acres of beautiful trees in the Yuba Pass area of scenic route 49 through the Sierra Valley is currently under renovation.  A remodeled barn facility and outdoor sacred spaces will be offered as a private retreat facility to groups connected to For Goodness Sake, Truckee, CA.   

Please call 775-832-6624; or email HortonAssociates@gmail.com to request more information to help you customize your Coaching, Business, or Leadership needs.