Your Life by Design  in a 4-week program! Yes, in one  short Intensive  --  you'll be creating the life you have envisioned and be in complete alignment with your deep true nature and purpose.  Igniting and activating your Genius is the key to alignment and success.  Fulfillment comes from the inner regions of who you are to the outer word of practical, measurable results.
Here you will have an opportunity to identify your unique talents and visionary leadership skills that give you the EDGE.   

Entrepreneurs learn how to integrate family and passionate work and world vision together.   Focusing on your self mastery, self-care, and igniting your unique innovation, wisdom, and courage. IGNITE YOUR GENIUS - Envision Your Greatness.  

Whether you’re looking at what’s next in your life or a new business owner or have been in business for years, The 4-step IGNITE YOUR GENIUS and activate your unique traits and talents to create a Business by Design or  a Life by Design (rather than default) teaches you the tools and techniques needed to focuses your energies easily and make choices to receive everything in life that you want and deserve.   Notice your current reality and start today to live fully.  Contact

For more details regarding  IGNITE YOUR GENIUS Coaching Certification Programs, and IGNITE YOUR GENIUS ~ leadership and  management trainings, IGNITE YOUR GENIUS speaking engagement opportunities, tele-classes and upcoming events -- are YOU ready to live into your  Vision, take action to create your Dreams, and fulfill your Purpose?