In this class, we will analyze short stories, drama, poetry, informational texts, and persuasive texts. We will write short stories, poetry, informational texts, persuasive texts, and create a multi-media research project.

We will watch BrainPop and Flocabulary videos. We will use www.NoRedInk.com to practice grammar skills independently.  We will read a combination of whole-class works, small-group works, and individual pieces including novels and short stories.

We will study Greek and Latin affixes in 7th grade, and we will use VocabuLit in 8th grade to expand our vocabulary.
We will use a combination of Kahoot, Quizizz, Quizlet, and Plickers for studying and quiz-taking. We will also use Google tools on a regular basis.

You will have choices in what you work on more often than not.
You will be expected to login to Google Classroom (classroom.google.com) to get your class code for NoRedInk, and you are expected to complete these assignments at your own pace during remediation period as well as at home.

Grammar Assignments/Practice:

Class code is Helton with the class period 
(Helton1, Helton2, Helton3, Helton4, Helton5, Helton6, Helton8)

You are required to bring the following supplies:
Composition book bound with string
1.5 inch 3-ring binder
5 tab dividers
Pencils and Pens

The following supplies are suggested, but not required:
Hi-lighters, sticky notes, index cards, glue sticks
Below, you will find some interesting links:
Remember to sign up for Remind using the code for our class! Parents can sign up, too!



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