Other Treats

These small creations are custom made to match you special event.

I primarily do cupcakes and petit fours. These small treats are so cute and fun for any ocassion.

Cupcake Cake

These citrus cupcakes with a orange glaze are grouped together like a cake. Grab and go!  



Chocolate cupcakes with large colorful sprinkles! 


Fruit Cupcake Bar

A new fun way to do cupcakes. These cupcakes include: Lemonade with lemon cream cheese frosting, Citrus with an orange glaze, and Italian vanilla with cream cheese frosting. Perfect for any party. 






During Christmas I made pretzel carmel truffles for the family. 


Red Roses

Beautiful red rose cupcakes were the delicious treats at the wedding shower. Guests enjoyed chocolate and the new cream cheese vanilla flavors.


Pretty Purple Cupcakes

INTRODUCING: The new cream cheese vanilla cake. This new flavor was the hit of the party. Again, Rachel did a wonderful job icing these cupcakes. Thanks for the help! Purple sprinkles added a fun sparkle to the little treats.


Baby Feet Cupcakes

I made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes for the shower. To match the theme, I made tiny little feet cookies for each cupcake. Rachel got her first taste of pipping. She frosted all of these cupcakes and did a wonderful job.  



Leaf Cupcakes

These unique cupcakes were for a newly appointed Deputy Sheriff in Ventura County. Congrats Greg!


These girly cupcakes were done for two girly-girls. They are vanilla and chocolate with a yummy and creamy vanilla buttercream.


Asian Inspired Petit Fours

These were made for an Asian themed bridal shower. Vanilla cake with a raspberry filling. Yum!


Toga Party Cupcakes

I made all different flavors, decorated with vines, leaves and little diplomas.