*I made all of these cakes myself.  I take great pride in every cake that I create.  I have a persistent and detail oriented nature that is perfect for creating cakes.


*I value moist, fresh and flavorful cakes that have only the best ingredients.  Design is important but nothing makes a cake better then its taste. I enjoy the challenge of making different and unique cakes. 


*If you are interested in purchasing a cake please contact me via e-mail.

Present Birthday Cake

Birthdays for multiple people. 


Baby Belly Cake

This was my first belly cake.




Dolores and John's Wedding Cake

Well I finished it! YEAH! It was a lot of work, and thanks to mom it all got done. The 14'' layer is vanilla with a vanilla buttercream. The 12'' is chocolate with a chocolate ganache filling. The 10'' is a yellow cake with a raspberry buttercream filling. The 8'' is a lemonade cake with a lemon curd filling. This cake was really fun to put together. At the wedding site, I think it went together in around 45 minutes. Real flowers really make the cake extra beautiful.  

Tea Party Cake

This cake was for Granny's Lady Club. It was auctioned off at the raffle and two girls won this cake, it was perfect. The cake was vanilla with a pink buttercream filling. 

Carona Cake

This cake is a triple layer chocolate cake with a chocolate filling. The ice is rock candy, and is covered in fondant.


Farewell Nish

This is a chocolate cake with a whipped ganache filling and a dripped ganache over the top. AKA: Sinful Cake 

Birthday Gift

This cake was made for my Wilton Course III. It was my co-workers birthday, so I made it a little different to make it special for her. It's a lemonade cake with a lemon mousse.


Flowers Galore

This cake was made for my girlfriend's bridal shower. This matches the cookies. It's a lemon cake with a lemon mousse. The flowers are edible. The cake matches a napkin that was given to me.



Graduation Cap

This was my first cartoon cake, or "fun" cake. I had a lot of fun making it. It is covered with marshmellow fondant. It's a chocolate cake with a chocolate mousse.


Oval Basket

I just finished the Wilton course II. This is the final cake for the class. It is a chocolate banana. I learned how to do the basketweave, which was a lot of fun. I made everything on the cake. This course was soooo much fun!


Mini Cake

I made this mini cake for my sister. She just got a new job! Yeeepeee! This is one of her favorites, chocolate banana. It's a little 6 in.


Baby Blocks

I made this baby shower cake for a women at work. Her only request for the shower was one of my cakes, I felt so touched. 



Bridal Tospy Cake

I made this for Casey's bridal shower. It was my first attempt at a topsy turvy cake. It was so much fun. The balloon is what they gave me to use.


Traditional Square

This was for my dad's calvary troop.   It is made with chocolate/banana cake, banana pudding filling, and a chocolate buttercream frosting.


Birthday Cake

This was an early birthday cake for my mom.  It has chocolate cake with a vanilla creme buttercream.


Elegant Rose

This is an elegant cake.  It has lemonade flavored cake, lemon pudding filling, with a vanilla buttercream frosting.


Wedding Cake

I DID IT!!!!!! This is my first wedding cake.  Since I'm very proud of it, I am putting additional pictures up for everyone to enjoy.

A better view.

Me and my first wedding cake, tear.