Hey, Hey Suilven Blues


I was Canada, Greenland, Norway

but I had to split.

Nothing but a crusty dude -

Had to give m' self a make-over.

I was hot, man. I mean HOT.

But I'm cool now.

Just call me Mister Gneiss Guy

in my crazy stripey coat.

Once I strode the land

but I'm gettin old.

Half the age of the universe

and then some.

I like to stand, my plaid

flung across my shoulder

and chew on the fat. Guess

I'm a bit of a land-mark round here.

But I aint beat yet.

The Big Tease, that's me.

Now you see me; now you don't.

To your left, then to your right,

And when I've got you thoroughly

discombobulated: Whoo, Hoo!

I spook you on the Oykel Road

just when you least expected.

Some days, I get the hump,

stomp off into the blue,

or don't tell no one I'm home.

Just draw down the blind.

They call me many names:

Shape-shifter, Shaman.

Call me what you like,

I'm watchin' you.

( Note: Suilven may be Norse for 'pillar' or it may be Gaelic for 'Eye Mountain'. The jury's still out.)

This poem was a runner-up in the John Muir Trust Poetry Competition launched at the Fort William Mountain Festival, 2008.