Are you looking for archery coaching in the San Francisco Bay Area? Are you a beginner looking for an introduction to archery, or an advanced recurve archer looking for better scores? I may be able to help. I'm a certified archery coach, living in Oakland, California, specializing in barebow and  recurve styles. I can help you understand and/or select appropriate equipment, I can assess and improve your execution to get the most out of your equipment, and I can help you with advanced barebow/recurve techniques.

I mostly operate, independently, out of Ohlone Archery, in San Leandro. I accept adult, young adult and youth students. Archery tests ones attention and body sense, and some children gain those skills younger or older then others, so I am happy to take on your 10years or older child for a beginner lesson to assess readiness for this meditative sport. (Shop rules at Ohlone Archery set a minimum age. The shop rules have a lower minimum age when the archer is under supervision of a certified coach, such as myself.)

I myself compete in the area in both the barebow (BB) and recurve (FSL-R, WA "recurve") styles in indoor, target, and field tournaments; so if competition is your goal, I can help you prepare for various tournaments.

If you would like to contact me, you can send me an e-mail at steve@icarus.com. I am generally available for sessions weekday evenings and some weekends. Contact me for rates and other information.