Tropical Marine Biology



Tropical Marine Biology is a 3-credit travel course to the South Pacific to study the ecology of coral reefs. On our most recent trip, our group spent 3 weeks on the southern coast of Kadavu, Fiji, diving and snorkeling the world renowned Great Astrolabe Reef. This intensive field course has been offered through Long Island University since the late 1970's. It is open to qualified undergraduate and graduate students from LIU as well as other universities. For information, contact


Academic details: Lectures focus on the ecology of coral reefs with emphasis on understanding how the major groups of invertebrates, fishes and marine plants function and interact within the ecosystem. Organized group field trips provide familiarity with the organisms of the major habitats (seagrass meadows, inshore reef, outer reef and channel walls, and mangroves).  Students carry out an individual research project and maintain a daily field journal.

In addition to aquatic activities, we explore adjacent rainforests and visit local villages.