Current Graduate Students at Long Island University
James Europe                    

Robin Lynn                    

Hailey Brosnan                    

Tracey Vlasak                    

Marissa Velasquez                
Former Graduate Students at Long Island University

Chelsea Miller - Thesis title: "Comparative Survival of Color Morphs of the Bay Scallop Argopecten irradians irradians (Lamarck, 1819)"
                                                                Completed MS degree in August 2017

Kayla Mladinich - Thesis title: "Crepidula fornicata shell beds as a potential spatial refuge for bay scallops, Argopecten irradians irradians, in the Peconic Bays, New York"
                                                                Completed MS degree in May 2017

Barry Udelson - Thesis title: "Age and size at onset of sexual maturity of the channeled whelk, Busycotypus canaliculatus
                                                                (Linnaeus, 1758), in the Peconic Bays of Long Island, New York"
                                                             Completed MS degree in December 2012
Dennis Bonal - Thesis title: "Ability and preference of Argopecten irradians irradians larvae to settle on various SAV’s"
                                                           Completed MS degree in December 2011
Andrew Weinstock - Thesis title: "Predation on the Northern Bay Scallop Argopecten irradians irradians (Lamarck, 1819) by Scup,
                                                                      Stenotomus chrysops (Linnaeus, 1766): Effects of Predator/Prey Size and Substrate"
                                                                      Completed MS degree in May 2010