Since the late 1980's, we have worked closely with colleagues at
Cornell Cooperative Extension and local baymen to develop and improve techniques for
planting bay scallops and enhancing their survival, growth and reproductive success in
waters of eastern Long Island, NY. This work has significantly contributed to increases in
larval recruitment, population sizes/densities and fishery landings.  Recent Publications 






 Bay Scallop Restoration
Bay Scallop Population Ecology - We have been monitoring seasonal patterns of spawning, as well as temporal and spatial changes in larval settlement and benthic populations, to better understand the factors that contribute to fluctuations in natural stocks and the contribution of our efforts to restore New York bay scallop populations. We have also been examining the relative value of different benthic substrates in comparison to eelgrass, the preferred but threatened habitat of bay scallops.  Recent Publications
Hard Clam Ecology - Working with Dr. Roger Newell at the University of Maryland, and colleagues at Stony Brook-Southampton and East Carolina University, we studied reproduction and condition of Mercenaria mercenaria at 7 sites in New York and New Jersey in order to examine the linkage between the decline of the hard clam populations and fisheries in Great South Bay and changes in phytoplankton community structure.  Recent Publications