Stephen Tettelbach
                    Professor, Dept. of Biology
                    720 Northern Blvd. 
                    Brookville, NY 11548
                    Voice: 516-299-3509
                    Email: "Stephen.Tettelbach@liu.edu" 
    I am a marine biologist whose research focuses on molluscan ecology, fisheries and 
    aquaculture. The research that my students and I do seeks to better understand
    how and why populations vary in a changing environment; in turn, we have applied our
    findings toward the development and improvement of management and culture strategies
    for commercially important species such as the bay scallop and hard clam.
    We spend a lot of time in the field and so, in addition to manipulative experiments, we have
                                                                           documented new discoveries about the basic biology and ecology of several marine species.
                                                               Research                             Teaching                                    Students                              Scallop Restoration   

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