Runaway Train

Feature Film   Dir. Andrei Konchalovsky   Prod. Menachem Golan   Cannon Films 

The engines were built at the Pan Pacific Auditorium, a huge building that no longer exists. We needed the space for the 'process' projection. The railroad between the engines is a canvass belt, run by a Honda Civic engine. I tried to suppress color  as much as possible on this picture, Andre Konchalovsky wanted to make it close to black and white.







 The High Security Alaskan Prison was shot at Lincoln Heights Jail in Los Angeles. I added the security tower to make the building look more forbidding.
















 Most of this picture was shot on stage. I designed the offices of the rail company to look old but updated to include the computers.

I spent a lot of time working on the 'after the crash' engine front. We wanted it to look like a giant angry beast.

We made two of these 'crash fronts' ,  One for the Alaska, and one for the Montana unit. They could be bolted on for any work that was 'after the crash'  in story order.

The actual crash was shot later using large scale models. 













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