George of the Jungle

Feature.   Dir. Sam Weisman   Prod. Jordan Kerner, David  Hoberman    Walt Disney Pictures

  Georges tree gets roughed in.

                                                                                                                    tree gets plaster work
  the finished tree

The Jungle is a very important character in this film. Quite rightly, Disney wanted the jungle to be 'happy'.     I designed the jungle by making a large scale model that I could adjust by moving trees and foliage about until I felt that we could get all the scenes out of it that the script required.  From the model we made drawings and then built the jungle in the Hughes Aircraft Factory in Culver City CA. The set was 110' x 70' by 50' high.

 In the studio next door, we built another set that would play as the jungle canopy above, for shots of George swinging on the vines.

The tree posed special problems, it was built of steel with a concrete skin, so that it wouldn't tremble when our actors and crew climbed aboard.

We had some later scenes that would be shot on Hawaii. 

On previous visits to Hawaii, I had taken many photographs of the native flora.  I used my pictures as a guide when finishing the Jungle onstage.

This way our exterior Hawaii locations and our set matched on film.