Cool Runnings

Feature Film    Dir. Jon Turteltaub    Prod.  Dawn Steele, Susan Landau      Walt Disney Productions 

This picture is a humorous take on the real story of the Jamaican  Bobsled Team.  I used the Jamaican flag colors plus some bright blues and aquas as a basis for all the warm sunlit scenes set on the beautiful  Carribean island.  We  built a number of Jamaican looking interiors on the soundstage.  Moma Coffies place was built over an existing building, but the palm trees were fiberglass, made for us and shipped from Studio City CA.

When we first arrived in Calgary, we understood that all the banners, signs and flags from the Olympics were stored in a warehouse. There were a few....but they were damp and in very poor condition, so we set about redesigning and remaking the Winter Olympics in Alberta.