Other work

I started in Special Photographic Effects. I also made Animation, Stop Motion Animation, and did Model Building and Prop Making. Here are some examples...


My career in Hollywood began in Stop Motion Animation and Optical Effects.

This was before computers made effects work easier and better. 

Left is a frame from a Mini Wheats commercial that I animated. The cereal jumped up and spun around in the air, thanks to an 'invisible rig' and a lot of hard work.

In the Polaroid picture below, you can see the rig as it was set up.

I worked on any number of animation rigs and miniatures for commercials.

These one third scale houses were for an Insurance Company Commercial.

The left house was on fire during the scene.

Building a Mexico City shopping center in miniature.



The shopping center was destroyed by a large flying record player. 








A model set of  the 'Space Ship of the Imagination'. I built this for a  Public Television show called  'Cosmos'





















 I designed six short plays as part of the celebrations for the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles. This is one of the backdrops.







This is a 'stop motion' character that I designed and built.  'George' was cast in soft foam with a wire armature. 




Here's an example of an old technique called the 'Hanging Miniature'  it has been around since silent pictures but we are using it here in a scene from
'A Woman of Independent Means' because it can still be cost effective.


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