Published Research

1. Chen, Victor L., Delmas, Magali A., Kaiser, William J., Locke, Stephen L. (2015) What can we learn from high-frequency appliance-level energy metering? Results from a field experiment. Energy Policy, Volume 77: 164-175.
2. Locke, Stephen L., & Blomquist, Glenn C. The Cost of Convenience: Estimating the Impact of Communication Antennas on Residential Property ValuesLand Economics 92 (1):131-147.
3. Delmas, Magali A., Kahn, Matthew E., & Locke, Stephen L. (2017) The Private and Social Consequences of Purchasing an Electric Vehicle and Solar Panels: Evidence from California. Research in Economics 71 (2): 225-235.

4. Chen, Victor, L, Delmas, Magali, A., Locke, Stephen L., & Singh, Amarjeet. (2017) Information Strategies for Energy Conservation: A Field Experiment in India. Energy Economics 68: 215-227.

Works in Progress

1. Estimating the Impact of Major League Baseball Games on Local Air Pollution. (Revise and resubmit)

2. Voting with your senses? The impact of local environmental conditions on preferences for environmental regulation. With Magali Delmas. UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate Working Paper # 2015-16. 

3. Paying for a Name? Estimating the Value of Franchised Real Estate Brokerage Firms