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American Society for Cell Biology Annual Meeting - 12/05/2009

posted Aug 26, 2009, 2:40 PM by Stephen Larson
I was invited to give a 20-30 minute talk at the American Society for Cell Biology's 49th annual meeting this December, in a special interest subgroup.  Here's the session title and abstract:

Exploring Cell Biology at the Frontier of 3D Visualization

Cell biology reveals the complex choreography of cells and molecules, but most of this science is too small to be directly observed or takes place at dynamic rates beyond our normal perception of time. 3D visualization of cells and molecules has become an increasingly important component of exploring and communicating biological mechanisms to the public, students and scientific peers.  Dynamic visualizations, such as animations, are able to synthesize diverse structural, dynamic and locational data derived from a variety of research sources and data sets , and can thus act as a visual hypothesis for a particular molecular or cellular process.  Beyond the bench, 3D visualizations are powerful tools that are being used in classrooms and in the mass media to educate and entertain.

I'll be speaking alongside a really amazing group of people:

Jonathan Alberts, Friday Harbor Labs []
Drew Berry, Walter & Eliza Hall Institute []
Adrian Elcock, University of Iowa []
David Goodsell, Scripps []
Janet Iwasa, Harvard Medical School []
Graham Johnson (Art Olson lab), Scripps [
Gael McGill, Harvard Medical School [