Spiritual Healing

Steve is a gifted naturally born Spiritual Healer.

Who specialises in 1-2-1 and Absent/Distance Healing.

Steve began his conscious journey into spiritual matters in the mid 80's,

although he had been channelling healing energy since child-hood.

Steve works slightly differently to general healers,

Spirit over shadow his physical body - by doing this allows spirit to directly take part in the healing treatment,

this is called semi-trance - this allows for a deeper healing to take place,

Removing blockages, repairing muscle - tendons , ligaments and other dis-ease.

The healing the client receives may speed up recovery from accident even surgery.

Most clients only need one treatment although this depends on severity of dis-ease /injury.

Please read his client reviews/feedback page.

Healing can free the client from negative energy bonds, re-connect the client with their souls higher plan and bring re-balance health issues.