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My favorite anonymous student evaluation:
  • "Professor DeSalvo's enthusiasm for the subject makes for an engaging and compelling lecture. Upon trying hard enough, one may even draw a vague likeness of appearance between Professor DeSalvo and the late, great Steve Jobs - a characteristic occasionally inspiring to the computer science student.

Thank you email from former student 
Abdullah Aghazadah.
Thank you email from former student. 

I recently made a word cloud from my student evaluations at UCLA.  Enjoy!

As a Program in Computing Assistant Adjunct Professor in the UCLA Mathematics department, I teach mostly the computing courses.  I have specialized in teaching C++, and I opted to learn C++11/14 so that myself and the students would be up to date with the latest in modern programming.  Also, it turns out the the new additions to C++ make the language much more fun to work with.

Most of my lecture material was written before I had fully grasped the new C++11/14 features, so while the content is still relevant, there are better ways of coding at present which take advantage of the new features.  This is also why my lectures no longer follow the textbook nor these notes, since both are out of date and I have yet to find a textbook which addresses modern C++ programming to my satisfaction.

In August 2015, I attended the Qt A to Z conference in Santa Clarita, CA.  It was a great opportunity to meet others using Qt and to learn more advanced features. 


The PIC 10C Advanced Programming lectures are not yet available, but here is a syllabus.  A list of PIC 10C Projects on YouTube.

Internet Resources for PIC Students:

Undergraduate Mentoring

I have also mentored a number of undergraduate students in computing.  Here are a few descriptions of previous projects.

Courses Taught

    Math 170A  Probability Theory
    PIC 10A  Introduction to Programming
    PIC 10B Intermediate Programming
    PIC 10C Advanced Programming

USC - University of Southern California

    Math 218 Probability and Statistics for Business Majors

In addition, I was a teaching assistant at USC for five years in the mathematics department, and covered many courses.  The above list just covers those courses for which I was a lecturer.

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