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PIC Email Checklist

Are you a current PIC student thinking of emailing me?  There are a lot of PIC students, and there is a nice system in place to expedite requests related to the course, and I am just one piece of that system.  Please go through the following checklist to make sure that sending me an email is appropriate.

0.  If you are NOT enrolled in the course, I do NOT have PTE numbers.  This and other issues related to enrollment are best resolved by going to MS 6356 first.

1.  Did I specifically tell you to email me?  If not, most likely your issue will be better addressed by speaking to me in person.

2.  Is your question appropriate for me and not the teaching assistant?  Most questions related to homework and debugging code should go to the teaching assistants first.

3.  Have you tried coming to office hours?  If you can't make office hours, have you tried asking me just before/after class lecture time?

4.  Did you miss a homework deadline?  Like a C++ compiler, I am quite rigid and do not accept late homework submissions.  I highly suggest always finishing the homework a day early first, uploading a version to CCLE, and then you are free to update up until the deadline.