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The "Kitchen Sink" -- C++ library a.k.a. DeSalvoStandardLibrary

This is a not-so-polished collection of code that I have been developing off and on over the years in combinatorial probability.  It typically represents a first attempt at an idea.  The desalvo_standard_library namespace below represents code that has been polished, much of it originating from this library. 
*Most* of the functionality is documented, but not all. 

The link to the code is on my GitHub account here.  

The Integer Partition class -- IntegerPartition.h

I have also written a simple C++ class for integer partitions, geared mostly to random sampling of unrestricted integer partitions and integer partitions with multiplicative restrictions.  Several examples are given in the documentation.  The link to the file downloaded on October 6, 2015 is below, or you can go to the current version on GitHub here.  It is not optimized for C++11 features yet, but I plan to update it in the near future.

The desalvo_standard_library namespace -- Coming soon!

I am working on a fully documented library of classes and functions that would be similar to many of the boost libraries, but related to applications in combinatorial probability.  I am already using it, and have included a nice application of the curiously recurring template pattern for combinatorial enumeration, but it is not ready to be made public just yet!

MathStudio Tutorials

I wrote many tutorials for the MathStudio programming language.  My username on the site is Shakey: http://mathstud.io/share/tutorials

Stephen DeSalvo,
Oct 6, 2015, 12:03 PM
Stephen DeSalvo,
Oct 6, 2015, 12:08 PM