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A list of dates related to the fund raising for the LAF, along with important personal events.

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Timeline 2008


  •  16 Registered for the 2008 Challenge on the first day, they provided a discount code if you decided to register right away.  So I did ;-)



  • I was able to see both my Mom and brother in California.  Both are doing well thankfully.



  • 19 Sent initial batch of fund raising emails.  I did not start as early this year for a variety of reasons, I don't believe it will have a substantial effect.
  • 20 First donation received, thanks Harrell! 


  •  Fundraising continues.  



  •  My Mom's had a clean bill of health on her checkup!


  •  01 Registered for the 2009 LIVESTRONG Challenge.


Timeline 2007


  • 29 Registered for the LIVESTRONG Challenge.

    Events like the LIVESTRONG Challenge help the LAF unite people in the fight against cancer and raise funds to provide information and tools for cancer survivors. In addition, the LIVESTRONG Challenge funds our programmatic and advocacy efforts to prevent cancer, ensure access to screening and care, invest in research and improve the quality of life for cancer survivors.


  • 7 My brother's surgery for Esophageal cancer
  • 22 Initial fundraising donation
  • 24 Sent first set of fundraising emails sent


  • 20 My mother's surgery for Breast cancer
  • 23 Mom out of the hospital, back home
  • 25 Reached original fundraising goal of $2500. (Thanks, Keith & Judi S., and all the other very generous donors), raising goal to $3000.
  • 25 My brother begins 6 weeks of radiation treatment
  • 29 Reached "new" fundraising goal of $3000 (Thanks, Steve C., a friend from the past), raising goal to $3500.


  • 6 My brother begins chemotherapy. The initial treatment made him very sick, an unfortunate side effect of the chemo. The doctors prescribed some anti-nausea medications.
  • 16 Reached "newer" fundraising goal of $3500 (Thanks, Patrick, my fire fighting son), raising goal to $5000.
  • 24 Another chemotherapy treatment is scheduled for my brother. The 2nd treatment went alot better, and did not make him sick.
  • 27 First visit to the oncologist for my Mom. Another appointment is scheduled for next week where the schedule for radiation will be set up.


  • 1 CAT scans and measurements for my Mom, in preparation for radiation. Another appointment next week to finalize. Radiation to start on the August 13th.
  • 3 Last day of radiation treatment for my brother.
  • 13 My Mom begins radiation treatments. They are scheduled for 7 weeks.
  • 23 Sent followup status notes to my fundraising list.


  • 13 Reached "final" (maybe) fundraising goal of $5000 (Thanks Carl B., a long lost friend from work).
  • 16 Injured my back somehow, no training for a while.
  • 29 Back on the bike now, my back is still somewhat sore, but much better.


  • 8Last radiation treatment in current series for my Mom.
  • 12Get Walk/Ride package at the LIVESTRONG Village. It's setup at the Austin Convention Center today and tomorrow.
  • 13 LIVESTRONGChallenge Walk/Run.

    You may have seen recent news that Texas Governor Rick Perry signed HB 14, which establishes the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas and that the Texas legislature passed the companion legislation, HJR 90, which offers Texans an opportunity to vote to provide $300 million a year over 10 years for cancer research and programs in Texas.

    The LAF was part of a coalition helped pass these bills but our work isn't over yet. This fall, Texans will vote on November 6th and decide whether Texas will invest in cancer prevention and research over the next ten years.

    Because of this historic opportunity, the date of the LIVESTRONG Challenge 5K run/walk has been changed to Saturday, October 13th, and will take place on the Texas Capitol grounds and include a rally in support of the November vote.

  • 14 LIVESTRONGChallenge Ride

    The 2007 LIVESTRONG Challenge Austin will see the ride move out west to start and finish in Dripping Springs, Lance Armstrong's training grounds. Dripping Springs is a quiet, picturesque community 20 miles from the Austin city limits and is commonly referred to as the 'Gateway to the Hill Country'. Dripping Springs terrain lends itself to any cyclist who wants to enjoy a quiet, challenging ride that encompasses everything the Hill Country is known for: Texas Ranches, rolling hills, riverfront views, whitetail deer and quintessential Texas Longhorns.

    The course departs out of Dripping Springs High School, and the beauty of the ride is immediately evident. The 60 and 90-mile courses head southeast towards the quaint town of Wimberley nestled along the Blanco River where the shaded roads and riverfront view is the ideal place for riding. 90-mile riders then head due west towards the town of Fisher and northwest traversing the town of Blanco. The course then turns back towards Dripping Springs for the Post Event Party.

    Overall, all the course distances for the Austin Challenge encompass moderate to difficult terrain with some steep climbs. The long course will ascend a total of 6,000 ft. before finishing back in Dripping Springs.

    I posted several blog entries detailing my LIVESTROING experience: