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Deadly Double

Sélection de poèmes de Stéphane Berrebi, artiste peintre

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Deadly Double

One day my deadly double in the mirror
Told me the world is hollow and we all live inside
Bathed in the sad morning light of my bathroom
I believed him so strongly I was ready to bet my horse on it

I started to gather evidence in my head as I walked in the city
Soon I had a strong case and could write to the press
How could we have missed that for such a long time
Must have been a conspiracy a coalition a covenant

One day my deadly double in the mirror
Told me the days are like dead insects and time is the enemy
In the dim morning light of my bathroom
I started to think a little

Of course I agreed with the latter proposition
Time is the enemy and we lost the war long ago
But notice I never heard of any peace treaty
And recently we recorded hostile movements near the borders

Now what about this insect thing ?
I could easily develop a phobia for insects
Dead insects in numbers are truly disgusting
I think I got the message. I got it loud and clear

One day my deadly double in the mirror
Told me the story of all those we see and hear no more
It was a long and detailed story that took most of the day
From the carelessness of dawn to the unthinkable

When he was finished, the mirror was broken
And, not even accounting for these overrated seven years
Now I know for sure I’ll never know anymore
If I am still the prettiest girl in this rotten kingdom