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About this ePortfolio       
        Welcome to my ePortfolio dedicated to Organic Chemistry. Do not run away yet because these web pages might help you to see o. chem like you've never seen before. Did you ever think that this subject was hard or that the amount of material to learn is just too much? Well, you were right: O.Chem is definitely a tough subject and the material to learn is significant. HOWEVER it is possible to do well in o.chem. There are three important things you need to succeed: you need TIME to review the material and make sure you understand what you are reading, you also need to MEMORIZE bits and bits at the time, and finally you need a lot of TRAINING, lots and lots of exercises!
       When I first started general chemistry, I didn't think much of it, I thought it was boring and random...Then I took organic chemistry and found that it was so much more interesting than the general chemistry. I think if you are a puzzle solver type, you'll definitely love organic chemistry. It is a hard class but it is also really rewarding when you can do it well!
       So if you are currently taking these courses and wish to have a condensed review+tips+exercises you are welcome to navigate here. Also if you are one of those students like me who can never have enough exercises to do, you found the right spot! I will have some synthesis problems available for each chapter.
It's O. chem time!
Stephanie Ohara