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During our reading block, students are engaged in a Reading Workshop.  We begin with a mini-lesson that is based on the week's reading strategy.  Students then move back to their seats to begin different reading activities.  Students are placed in group, and within the groups the students work together.  Activities include teacher small groups, independent reading, reading letters, and independent group work.  Throughout the week, groups rotate through each station at least once.  We try to complete 2 different activities a day, but we are very limited on time.  

Above is where the Reading Mini-Lesson takes place.  I sit in the pink chair, and students sit on the rug which is facing the pink chair.  I have 3 5X7 rugs which just fit all 24 of my students.  I assign rug positions which helps fit all of the students.  Everyone knows where to sit and who their partner is for the mini-lesson.  Students must sit criss-cross in order to fit the entire class on the rug.  

During the first few days of school, I show my students how to pick Just Right Books during the mini-lesson.  Students then use these strategies to pick books throughout the year.  During read-alouds, I also review the strategies so that students continue to use them the entire year.  

During Reader's Workshop, students are sometimes assigned to write their reading strategy letter.  This poster gives students ideas for how to start different paragraphs.  The sentence starters are also great for students when we are on the rug for a read-aloud.  

At times during the year students want to abandon a book that they had originally picked out.  In order to abandon a book in my class, you must have a reason and evidence that supports your reason.  We talk about why a good reader might abandon a book at the beginning of the year.  This poster helps students understand why they aren't enjoying a book.  

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