Power Point Game

      The powerpoint game that I created is entitled "A Trip Around the City" because it is a field trip for students around the city of Guadalajara.  The story behind the game goes like this:

A touring group of 6th grade students from Creekside Middle School are on a field trip around Mexico.  In in the city of Guadalajara, they are split into groups and must visit a market place, school house, and a park by the end of the day.  In order to enjoy the fiesta that is planned for their last night in the city, they must explore and learn about each location! Along the way, students must be careful not to lose their money, their map, or any members of their group, because this will slow them down. Of course each group wants to make it to the fiesta first in order to enjoy the freshest burritos and the opening songs of the mariachi band!
    In order to reach the end of the game the students must answer questions about vocabulary regarding food, recreation, and classroom objects.  They also use their knowledge of common verbs, colors, and numbers.  All of these are standards that 6th grade beginning Spanish must meet, and this game allows them to learn in an exciting way.

    Some of the questions include vocabulary and numbers as well.  In this way the students reinforce numbers while they learn new vocabulary.  This same game can be modified as the students increase their knowledge of Spanish conversation to include more complex questions and new vocabulary.  The questions of the game could even be changed as the class goes through different units of information, so that new vocabulary and verbs are introduced.



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