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Welcome to our author site.  Stephanie Lake is the pen name for a husband/wife team who enjoy writing happy endings and steamy middles.  We hope you read and enjoyed His Second Chance, the first book in the His Second Chance series.  We’d love to hear from you, so drop us a line at: SLake255 AT


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Florian's Garden releases July 1st!

Florian's Garden, new release by Stephanie Lake and Jules Radcliffe. Look for it on July 1st.

Florian Feakes is determined to talk with Everett Wedmore, the groom he admires above all else. But it is Everett who stumbles across Florian’s hidden garden and engages the shy gypsy.

His Midshipman

A chance encounter with a handsome midshipman leaves Viscount Randall Blair planning a future for two. Randall never knew how fast and hard love could hit until he found the right person: David. Can he convince the young sailor that they are perfect together?

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His Second Chance is a Members' Choice Awards multi-nominee. 

Best Book of the Year - Poll #7
Best Enemies to Lovers - Poll #14
Best Debut Book - Pool #23
Best Cover Art - Poll #28
Best Historical -  Pool #32
His Pirate is out!

Rhain Morgan will sacrifice everything, including his happiness, to save his sister’s life. Little does he know that the pirate Captain who can grant his wish, will also steal his heart.

Book List

Check out His Second Chance, book 1 in the Second Chance series.

His Second Chance

Viscount Randall Blair wants a second chance at love with his long-lost Lieutenant David Wedgewood. Only one problem: he's engaged to David's sister.


Historical Gay Romance Character Naming Contest results are in!

We had a great time and received many wonderful entries for our Character Naming Contest. With difficulty, the three judges narrowed down the names to the list below for His Captain:

Character 1: Reginald St. Clair

Character 2: John(nie) Sloan

Character 1’s best friend: Nicholas Avery

Character 2’s brother-in-law: Gareth Howell

Character 1 in Florian's Garden: Florian Feakes 

Character 2 in Florian's Garden: Everett Wedmore

Some of the other outstanding names were chosen as winners and will appear in His Captain as minor characters or in subsequent books. We will keep you posted as these stories are written, and will list the other winning names as they are incorporated.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Thanks to everyone who participated!