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A handsome sailor once stole his heart – can Randall forget him in the arms of another?

The Seventh Viscount of Torring, Randall Blair is more than disgusted with unfaithful lovers.  When his last lover announces his engagement to the current reigning belle, Randall decides to suppress his true nature and follow suit.  He is determined, once and for all, to forget the dark sailor who slipped in and out of his life five years before.

Lady Prudence Wedgewood has, for a member of the fair sex, unquestioned beauty, and shows a surprising wit, which will entertain Randall, even if her well-proportioned body does not arouse his desires.  The marriage should at least be, bearable.

Lieutenant David Wedgewood has always been beyond discreet with his unnatural attraction to men.  An attraction, which years ago, nearly set Randall’s bed aflame for a blissful, torrid week.

The Blair and Wedgewood wedding plans unfold flawlessly, until Lady Prudence’s brother returns: Randall’s long lost sailor.

David returned for only one reason: to save his beloved sister from a marriage destined to bring nothing but pain.  Marriage to a sod!  He will kill Randall if that’s what it takes to stop the wedding.  And he is willing to seduce Randall, to prove that this marriage can only end in disaster and heartbreak.

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Historical Gay Romance Character Naming Contest results are in!

We had a great time and received many wonderful entries for our Character Naming Contest. With difficulty, the three judges narrowed down the names to the list below for His Captain:

Character 1: Reginald St. Clair

Character 2: John(nie) Sloan

Character 1’s best friend: Nicholas Avery

Character 2’s brother-in-law: Gareth Howell

Character 1 in Florian's Garden: Florian Feakes 

Character 2 in Florian's Garden: Everett Wedmore

Some of the other outstanding names were chosen as winners and will appear in subsequent books. We will keep you posted as these stories are written, and will list the other winning names as they are incorporated.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Thanks to everyone who participated!