Stephanie Huette is PI of the [L]anguage [A]nd [B]ehavior lab (LaBlab) and Assistant Professor at the University of Memphis in the department of Psychology.

The LaBlab seeks to understand the principles and mechanisms of cognitive processes that underlie meaning and pragmatics in language and the interactions with behavior. We broadly ask, how we understand language in real visual contexts, social contexts, linguistic contexts, and in the context of our memories and the self. We use eye-tracking and motion-tracking technologies to track behavior in real-time to build theory on the mechanisms of how we incorporate context into meaning.

Looking for a video on color and Linguistic Relativity? I made one! Please let me know what you think in the comments section and what topics you'd like to have available. Click on this link or see the embedded video below! https://youtu.be/hQGNkzjhZ_M

Check out our research, who is currently working in the lab, or check Scheduling to see when Stephanie is available for meetings!

PDF copies of all publications are linked on the "Publications" page.

The LaBlab

Our home is on the 4th floor of the Psychology Building in suite 439. We currently have three amazing graduate students and several undergraduate research assistants. We're always looking for talented undergraduates to join the lab!