Stephanie Huette is PI of the [L]anguage [A]nd [B]ehavior lab (LaBlab) and Assistant Professor at the University of Memphis. 

The LaBlab seeks to understand the principles and mechanisms of cognitive processes that underlie meaning in language as well as their implications for behavior
.  We also investigate the role of behavior and the environment on learning and real-time processing of language.  Our research uses eye-tracking and motion-tracking technologies to track behavior in real-time.

Check out our research, who is currently working in the lab, or check Scheduling to see when Stephanie is available for meetings.
PDF copies of all publications are linked on the "Publications" page!

4/28/2016: Check out my new article on Context in Language Cognition and Neuroscience.  Download the article from the Publications tab.

4/26/2016: Congratulations to Stephanie Clein for getting accepted to graduate school at Auburn University!

4/15/2016: The LaBlab is going to the Cognitive Science conference with 3 posters this year. See you in Philadelphia!

8/5/2015: Dr. Stephanie Huette will be running a AMA on Labor Day, 9/7/2015. Come by and ask me anything!

6/25/2015: The LaBlab is presenting work at the annual Cognitive Science Conference.  Come see the poster Thursday July 23rd entitled Predicting Meme Success with Linguistic Features in a Multilayer Backpropagation Network by Shubeck & Huette.

1/2/2015: The LaBlab gets a new website for 2015! More coming soon including video tutorials, and lots of pictures.