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    I had an instructor in college who sat my educational technology class down for an important lesson one day.  We were supposed to be learning the ins and outs of PowerPoint, and instead, he showed us an episode from the TV show The Office.  I can't remember exactly which episode it was, but the basic idea is that the boss is supposed to make a presentation for a meeting.  Well, he never gets it made and ends up having a quick meeting to tell people what they needed to know and sends them off on their way.  Once the episode is over, my instructor stands in front of the class with a serious look and says, "Today's lesson is: Sometimes the best PowerPoint is one you never make."

    When I need to create a presentation, I prefer the alternative Prezi.  Create dynamic, zooming presentations as simple or complicated as you like.  Everything takes place on one canvas.  You dictate the content, theme, and order.  As an educator, you have free access to create on the website on the "Enjoy" level (regularly a $59 subscription for the year) upgrade to Edu Pro for just $59 (regularly $159 annually) to have access to the Desktop Editor and 2GB storage (normally 500 MB).  As long as you have internet access, I am a fan of the Free Edu version.  To sign up, click "Sign Up" in the upper right-hand corner of the main page.  The Educator link is below the Green "Enjoy" level description.

    To learn more about Prezi, I recommend exploring their website, or viewing my previous post on how TED's Chris Anderson used Prezi in his TEDtalk.

    Did I mention it is iPad friendly?
    Posted Jun 2, 2012, 8:49 AM by Stephanie Filardo
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