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Building a bridge between technology innovation and commercial talent.

Running a technology company is complex by nature and challenging due to the pace of changes. The fast evolution in technology, competition and customer requirements make constant change a necessity. With a consequence that on a regular base choices have to be made  in strategy, product development, sales and distribution, communication, operations, HR,.......    

Next to this, innovation often is only directed towards the technology aspect of it. However innovation is a multifaceted, multidimensional discipline.  It encompasses strategy, marketing, sales, products and services, and organizational behavior.  Successful companies know how to manage the intersections of these elements in a balanced way which might differ over periods of time.  They are capable of looking at a broader scope of innovation. However most of the companies excel in technology and vision but often fail to bring the above mentioned elements together in a well balanced way with the right timing. Often they do not know how to extend the innovation on others elements as well.

It is all about timing, skills and strategy, it's all about choices and as already Epictetus has mentioned it " no man is able to make progress when he is wavering between opposite things. " This all together makes running a technology company complex.

Making choices  is about change, it needs to be driven from within the company.  An operational platform on technology marketing  is created, reaching out towards marketing- and sales professionals within technology companies. Within this platform people can exchange ideas and discuss possibilities with peers from their industry learning from each other about change, making choices, strategic product management, operational sales tactics, marketing ... If you want to be part of this platform please send a mail to and we will make sure to provide you access.

Stephan Engelen created Semcor in order to support technology companies throughout their life cycle.  

Semcor can support you not only with a wealth of experience but also with a tailored and successful model in order to make these choices together with  your team, not only for now but also going in to the future.

During the last 20 years Stephan Engelen has built a strong knowledge footprint in managing technology companies successfully. He held sr. management and executive functions on a global, european as well as on a local level with major technology companies such as Philips electronics and Cisco systems. Within these companies he managed parts as well as the total value chain of the business. (development, marketing, sales, R&D, manufacturing, general management, OEM and branded)  The last 5 years he supports technology companies successfully from small to large and from a start-up to mature players. (operation as well as strategy)

Stephan is accredited as a consultant by the Flemish government supporting companies on general, strategic management and internationalization .

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