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Venezia, ITA 1993
My left foot taking a dive as I leave home, near Ponte de Trei Archi. I'll need boots to get the Gazetta dello Sport today. France also happened to sink last night (2-3 vs Israel).

Shanghai, CHN 1992
They are only halfway in the completion of this new avenue but all the major brands are already there. In Nike's logo, the swooch has been installed before the red. Sign o' the times...

Jeju-do, KOR 1992
The fishermen invite me on their ship. Living squid for breakfast, soju to wash it down. Wake up call.

High Atlas, MAR 1985
A snowstorm, a few hours after a sandstorm.

Paris, FRA 2003
Laundry's drying up by the old railway. The lady's considering ways of recycling these wine boxes. A few meters higher on the slope, pigeons suddenly take off from the Cat's School of Poterne des Peupliers.

Sidmouth, ENG 1987
First time I'm asked an autograph after a soccer game. Damn Brits : as soon as my feet feel lighter they manage to triple the size of my head.

NYC, NY, USA 2002
Can't remember the name of this church you bump into when you leave Wall Street. Just remember that last time I saw it there were two huge buildings towering behind it...

Somewhere between Madrid and Granada, ESP 1999
I lift the train coach's curtain in the middle of the night. Outside, olive trees are dotting round hills under the full moon. Children wouldn't draw it any other way.

Seoul, KOR 1991
Caught in the middle of a gigantic snow battle between armymen and policemen, right behind the US Embassy.

Dordogne, 1996
The cow just two meters in front of our car, in the middle of the road, the night and the fog.

DMZ,KOR 1992
Soundly asleep, the soldier keeps collapsing back on my shoulder. Around our bus, flocks of cranes but no concrete. A beautiful landscape... but a genuine landmine field.

Savoie, FRA 1974
A spark from a stone in the torrent. Real gold. A 49er who's not even 7 year old.

Moose Lake, BC, CAN 1991
Face to face in the lake. I could even touch the moose's gigantic face but a police officer advises me not to. She gave birth last week and bit a girl the previous day.

Chicago, IL, USA 1989
7th inning stretch at the Wrigley Field. The announcer singing and swinging his mike from his booth.

Zhongdian, CHN 2004
A bowl of warm yak milk (yum) and some old yak cheese (yuck) by the stove, kindness radiating from every member of the family.

Pelabuan Ratu, IDN 1989
The lobster fishermen's lights at night on the bay.

Gangwon-do, ROK 2001
Dave Brubeck Quartet's "Take Five" resonating in the mountain, leading us to a remote temple run by a young monk.

NYC, NY, USA 1986
The flyer from the skinny black prophet. On the outside: "what you miss by being christian". Inside : "hell".