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This space is a recreational area.
Drive carefully. Author at play.
mot (noun, masc.) : French word for... "word". 1 - significant unit. 2 - insignificant author.
i.e. 'so when you said Stephane is French, it was not just a bon mot?'

dragedy (noun, fem. - pl. dragedies) : bittersweet candy and preemptive death notice. Etym. dragée (tiny, hard confectionery) and "tragédie" (death's foreplay).
i.e. 'If I read his dragedies ? I almost choked on them !' 

blogule (noun) : 1 - small, poorly written, nonsensical blog. 2 - Junk writing polluting the web.
i.e. 'He keeps spilling too many red blogules - Should we worry for our own health ?'.
about the author and this excuse for a site.

This is a no-smoking site.
Pencil chewing is tolerated
(content :  graphit 50% - wood 40% - acrylic 10%)


My recent blogules :

Welcome to my new personal portal ! 
(passer en Version Francaise  )
For your comfort, the left column allows you to access at any moment the map of this site and all my blogules... and of course, your right brain allows you to switch to more decent places.
If you choose to stay, mind the mind gaps. 
PS: I am step by step transferring my old homepage (founded 20030303) to this new address. Amazingly enough*, a few pages are already available :
* thanks for your patience : this Google platform is much user-friendlier than Yahoo!'s, but I haven't changed, and I also have those other virtual fishes to fry... By the way : since the bulk of my blogules also happen to be on Google platforms (Blogger), my whole virtual self lies now in the hands of Big G. ... so "don't be evil", please !