Sten Rentzhog


Lecturer and museum consultant.


Author of the first comprehensive history of open air museums worldwide, including several chapters on the challenges and opportunities in the world of today and tomorrow: 

 "Open Air Museums. The history and future of a visionary idea", 532pp, Jamtli Förlag 2007, published in cooperation with ALHFAM and The Association of European Open Air Museums


---> Read some example from the book here: Open_Air_Museums_example.pdf 


Studied at Uppsala University (history) and University of Oregon (economics, BA 1960). Ph.D. and docent in art history at Uppsala, 1967. Books and articles mainly on building history, cultural history, and museum theory.  


Museum director 1968-2002. active in the significant development of the Swedish regional museums, in particular as director of Jamtli / Jämtlands läns museum and as strategist within their national organisation.  


Has also held positions within The Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs, and been troubleshooting director of the Nordiska Museet, developing its national role. At present he is the working chairman of a national research school at the Nordiska Museet, which he has initiated. 


Sten Rentzhog has been an innovator and organiser of nationwide cooperation in fields such as open air museums, documentation, exhibitions and the adaption of museums and heritage sites to children and families.  


Other special fields of interest are role play and interpretation, education, cultural heritage tourism, and analysis of future trends.  

For many years he has travelled in both North America and Europe, establishing contacts and studying the development of museums and open air museums in an international perspective. 

His experience might also be of interest in other fields where the ability to see problems and opportunities in a broader time perspective may give rise to fresh ideas, for example in business development and entrepreneurial management, tourism and education. 


How to make use of his experience:

  • Lectures
  • Advisor to committees and managerial groups
  • Guest partner in planning discussions
  • Analyses and recommendations
  • Training
  • Mentorship 

Suggestion for effective use of a visit to a museum or tourist attraction. 

Day 1:  Analysis of the museum. Public lecture.

Day 2:  Seminar with staff and/or board members.

             + lecture or discussion on future strategies.  

Languages: preferably English or Swedish

Contact detail

Granbo 1558

S-83043 Ås


tel. +46-(0)63-31013

mob. +46-(0)70-3383748