Margaret Stenersen Elementary Parent Advisory Council

Margaret Stenersen Elementary P.A.C. is the officially recognized parent group for Margaret Stenersen Elementary. 

Parent Advisory Councils (P.A.C.'s) are the official voices for parents at the school level.  If you have a child in a B.C. public school, you are automatically a member of the school’s P.A.C.  
Our PAC Facebook page is one of our most helpful ways to communicate what's happening!  Please check us out and join 


Our next PAC meeting is September 8th 2020. 

All parents and legal guardians of Stenersen Students are invited to attend! 

👉If you have a topic or idea you would like to discuss at the meeting please email us at, so we can ensure it is on the agenda, this helps us move through the meeting efficiently.

If you haven't yet joined the PAC group on Facebook, we encourage you to do so, it's the best way to keep up with PAC events and fundraisers.  Just search "Margaret Stenersen PAC" , click JOIN and answer the questions.  

Hope to see you at the meeting, 

PAC Executive Team

For questions about this site, please contact our webmaster at margstenelempac@gmail.comTo get regular updates, please follow us on Twitter (stenersenPAC) or join our Facebook group. Note: the Facebook group is private, so a question may be asked to ensure that you do have a child(ren) attending Margaret Stenersen.

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