STE[A]M Education

STE[A]M Education is STEM Education while integrating the Arts, such as music, visual art, drama, and dance.  The great thing about "Arts Integration" is that you can integrate the arts not only with STEM subjects, but with ALL subjects. 

Here is an example of teachers performing a "one take" music video 
to the "STEM Anthem" song. 

FIZZ: How to Make a Music Video

DR. LODGE is the one who created the video of the teachers and he explains 
how to create a "FIZZ" video just he makes.

Here is an example of another way to use Arts Integration with STEM.  
Students can make a paperslide video or music video like this one!

Here is a video that explains how to make a paperslide video! 

Here is another example of how to use a paperslide video for digital storytelling
 in the content area of MATH!

This presentation is an example of my students creating a song about 
the Scientific Method in order to show concept mastery.

TECHbells Commercial

After making barbells for P.E. class, my students created a commercial to advertise their product

For more information about Dr. Lodge or on Arts Integration visit the following websites:  (here is a list of his songs for different subjects)