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The MEH-TV News Crew is made up of talented and dedicated students who broadcast a live recording of the morning announcements throughout the whole school, every day for an entire marking period.  

Anyone who shows an interest in the program is selected from an application pool of students who are currently enrolled in my 7th Grade Technological Systems and Careers class.  

These students are most suitable for this role because the seventh-grade CTE curriculum coincides with the skills needed to successfully operate the studio.  

The knowledge and skills that are needed to run the MEH-TV studio derive from the career clusters of Arts, A/V Technology and Communications; Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics; and Information Technology, which are all a part of STEM education.  

This experience impacts student learning because these students are exercising hands-on learning with STEM education in order to produce the morning announcements and give technical assistance to other programs that would like to use the studio’s facilities. 

Furthermore, by participating in the morning announcements, these students are empowered by having the opportunity to create video news segments which require them to operate technical equipment and work together as a team.  

With this opportunity, students are able to practice their workplace readiness skills in a monitored and controlled learning environment which will help to prepare them for the work force in the future.  

MEH-TV Morning Announcements for this Week

Here is an example of a MEH-TV News Broadcast!

MEH-TV Example

Ever wonder what its like to be behind the scenes of the MEH-TV studio?  Here's your chance!  Check out the video to see how it all works!

MEH-TV Huskies Behind the Scenes

MEH-TV in the News

Picture by FCCTV/Andrew Finein

The staff of Mary Ellen Henderson's channel 14, and their sponsor Bradley Lands, paid a visit to the Falls Church Community Television studios at George Mason High School this week. FCC-TV supervisor Michael Palmrose (right) and Lands have been exploring ways to expand the integration of video technology in the classroom. The students currently produce the daily MEH morning announcements that is played throughout the school at 7:30 a.m. and archived later in the day on YouTube.