If you are a Falls Church City community member, please help Mr. Lands and his TECH students become STEMtrepreneurs by identifying a problem in the Falls Church community.

Click HERE to submit your problem!


What is STEMtrepreneurship? 

STEMtrepreneurship is the act of undertaking innovations centered specifically around science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods and services. - Bradley Lands, August 2011

Project Overview 
Students, grouped by career clusters, will create student directed projects using a STEM focus in order to create a product (good or service) to satisfy a need or want within the school and/or community.  Students will use inquiry in order to identify a need or want within the school and/or the community, employ integrated STEM skills in developing a solution, and use digital media to communicate and publish results. The teacher will act as a facilitator as he guides the students to their finished product. - Bradley Lands, August 2011

Project Implementation at MEHMS

The sixth-grade students in Mr. Lands's Research and Design Technology course are interested in creating a product (a good or a service) that will solve a problem within the Falls Church City Public Schools and community.  We need YOUR help by simply explaining a problem that you are currently experiencing at work.  
Problems can be as basic as the challenge of finding a parking space; not being able to find your keys and phone; remembering to return your library books on time, etc. There is no problem too large or too small to submit!

Our goal is to select at least two problems per quarter, to innovate a product that will solve them.   Please take a few minutes to help us, help YOU!

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