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The Science, Technology and Mathematics Education Research Group (STEM-ERG) from the University of the Basque Country develops research on teaching and curricular development to improve students' learning in sciences, mathematics and technology from Secondary to University level. The lines of research in the different areas are focussed on problems related to teaching and learning the curriculum.


Through research into students' ideas and reasoning, the group aims to identify specific learning difficulties that help design teaching strategies to improve learning. The Group's research results have been used to produce educational materials for teaching at secondary and university levels. For over 25 years, the Group has been involved in training secondary and university teachers. At secondary level, we are participating in the Masters in Initial Secondary School Teacher Training at the University of the Basque Country and we have given courses in different Spanish regions and abroad. At university level, we have designed and developed the ERAGIN university teacher training programme in active methodologies from the University of the Basque Country.


Professor Jenaro Guisasola, as group director, tackles the leadership roles with professors José Ignacio Barragués and Mikel Garmendia, in charge of the areas of Mathematics and Technology respectively.


The research results are divulged via papers at national and international conferences, seminars for teachers, specialised journals and books. The Group's work is supported partly by the Basque Government Department of Education, the Spanish Ministry of Education and the European Education Commission. The vice-chancellors for research and educational innovation at the University of the Basque Country have helped to formally recognise STEM Education as an important field of research in the physics, mathematics and engineering departments.



Jenaro Guisasola was invited as plenary speaker in 2019 conference on the Foundations and Frontiers of Physics Education Research will be held in Bar Harbor Maine from June 17 to June 21

December 2018

Contribution to relate Science Education and STEAM

July 2018

Donostia Physics Education Research Group organized the GIREP-MPTL  Conference 2018: "Research and Innovation in PhysiCS Education: Two sides of de same coin", in Donostia-San Sebastian

April 2017

Kristina Zuza, Mikel Garmendia and Jenaro Guisasola are part of group involved in the European Project Eramus+ LEARINIG FOR LIFE.
The aim of this project is to develop PBLs for secondary school

Learn more in the web side of the project:

March 2017

Kristina Zuza et al. paper “Exercises are problems too: implications for teaching problem-solving in introductory physics courses”, published in Eur.J.Phys. 37, has been selected in European Journal of Physics 2016 Highlights, for its quality and contribution to the community.

September 2016

In GIREP Seminar September 2016, Jenaro Guisasola receives the prestigious GIREP 50 anniversary Medal. The award was given in recognition of Guisasola's leadership in the GTG "Physics Education Research at University" and his relevant contributions in research and innovation in Physics Education.

July 2016

Jenaro Guisasola as leader of PERU-GIREP Thematic Group, organizes the invited Roundtable "Research-based Alternatives to Traditional Physics Teaching at University and College" at the 2nd World Conference on Physics Education in Sao Paulo. Brasil.


November 24th 2015
Erica Macho and Mª Jesús Elejalde are interviewed in Teknopolis (EITB):
In Spanish language:
In Basque language:

July 1-2nd 2015
Mikel Garmendia teaches the "Whorkshop in active methodologies: Case method, Problem and Project Based Learning", at Universidad Europea Miguel Cervantes, in Valladolid.

December 26th 2014

Jenaro Guisasola and Mikel Garmendia are interviewed in "El Correo" newspaper.

The interview is about the book "Aprendizaje basado en casos, problemas y proyectos: Diseño e implementación de experiencias en la universidad". This book collects the most innovative teaching experiences at the University of the Basque Country-Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea.

September 10-12th 2014
Kristina Zuza invited to participate in a roundtable about "What for we investigate and what we can do to be useful in the classroom?" in XXVI Encuentros de Didáctica de las Ciencias Experimentales. Huelva

April 2nd 2014
Jenaro Guisasola invited to give a lecture in PISA 2012 Conference

Jenaro Guisasola talks on the teaching / learning of physics problem solving in his lecture "From explaining issues resolved to guide their decision". The lecture takes places in the program of the PISA 2012 Conference organized by the Instituto Nacional de Evaluación Educativa (INEE) and the Consejo Escolar del Estado (CEE).

February 2014
J.I. Barragués, A. Morais & J. Guisasola editors of a book on Probability and statistics Education

Barragués, J.I., Morais, A. & Guisasola, J. (2014). Probability. In Barragués, J.I., Morais, A. & Guisasola, J. (Eds.), Probability and Statistics: A Didactic Introduction, Boca Raton, Florida: CRC Press,Taylor & Francis Group.

This book attempts to provide a comprehensive introduction to the foundations of Probability and Statistics for which leading authors have been invited to write specific papers. Each of the chapters is dedicated to a major topic and offers an intuitive view of the subject matter, methodologies, concepts, terms and related applications. The book is suitable for use for entry level courses in first year university studies of Science and Engineering, higher level courses, postgraduate university studies and for the research community.