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Examples of Hyperbolic Crochet
TEM to STEAM Project Based Learning adventure combining fiber arts, science, math and engineering using technology.  It combines hyperbolic geometry, science related to coral reef and ocean stewardship and crochet.  This activity was first presented at the 2014 Summer Camp sponsored by Art Education in the School of Art and Design at East Carolina University.  In this project we will construct a hyperbolic sphere using a J sized crochet hook and a skein of worsted weight #5 size acrylic yarn.   Our goal is to use art elements and design principles as a vehicle to make geometry concepts visible while learning about coral reefs.

This Web portal is for the  "Oceans Away?" WebQuest as a Project Based Learning tool for visual literacy.  This project uses the traditional Textile techniques of crochet.  Learners will investigate hyperbolic geometry by making hyperbolic crochet.  Science concepts will be explored as we visually replicate healthy and dying coral reef examples.  Engineering concepts will be used as we de
sign and construct a mixed media installation in a campus gallery.  We will achieve our goals for this project by using technology, which will conclude with a hyperbolic multimedia installation.  Art and Design will provide the bridge for our exploration using traditional chain and double crochet stitches.

Learners should bring their own technology devices (Smart Phone, iPad or tablet) to document their creative hands.  Access to Google Docs and Google Sites is required to complete this activity.

Great Barrier Reef

This WebQuest was designed by Carola Jones.
The STEM to STEAM Summer Camp was created by Dr. Robert Quinn.
Hyperbolic Crochet and Shibori are taught at ECU in The Textiles Department by Christine Zoller.
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